My Art Practice

Painting, Drawing, and Illustration

Drawing, painting and illustration is what connects everything! Ideas, themes, people and planning. The simple act of trying to draw something can change the way I look at the world. I love pattern and line the same way I love color and light. I am interested in how the eye travels and find looking a and enjoy making “reading” a visual experience.


Memory, mold, paddle, melt, shape, – these words describe processes involved in working with clay. These words alternate between functional (mold, shape) and magical (memory, melt). In the same way, I blend functionality with allegory. By combining an everyday domestic object (teapot, lamp, cookie jar) with a timeless fable or story, I get to invite conversation. Do you see how it pays to be slow and steady (Tortoise and Hare Lamp)? Or how the night sky can be navigated through the whimsy of the Zodiac (Two-Headed Taurus Lamp)? The final product’s functionality contributes to its intrigue as a work of art, and the story is transformed into a physical piece that can be shared, discussed over tea, a candle, or a bedtime conversation.  


The process of putting ink onto a block or plate and transferring it to paper is MAGIC! I embrace the surprise. Prints print backwards and transfers can be unpredictable so the questions are always there: How will the image read backwards? How will the inks cover and the colors overlay? New tricks and tools are always arising and multiples offer the opportunity to try variations on a larger idea.


Folk music is often described as “grown from the home” referring to a cultural as well as literal place. The energy of much of this work reflects family, home, and garden. Cleaning up, is a theme. I enjoy collecting things and am the keeper of many relics… But then what? These assemblages are a the recycling and in the process, bringing together my “things with family love and narrative.