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Erika Crofut

I am a Berkshire artist and teacher. My goal is to bring art into as many elements of my daily life as I can on a daily basis. My subjects are things that make me feel connected, and I am particularly interested in connections across time and generations. For example, doing the laundry, singing a song, or telling a story. As a teacher, I have found joy in connecting with others over process both in the classroom, as well as one on one in the studio.

What I do:


I work in a range of mediums including: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, and Sculpture. My work is functional, narrative, and whimsical. 


In my classes, I explain a structured approach to the handling of materials, show historical references and concepts, and demonstrate the pleasure and pride that comes from hard work. 


Working on commission allows your inspiration to initiate a project that I can follow through on and realize. New ideas and characters are constantly emerging. I enjoy the process of creative problem solving as I create unique pieces specifically for you. Let’s meet and discuss your ideas!

Come see Hill House Studio

Contact me to take a class, book a workshop, or commission a piece of art! Email me to receive my hill house newsletter about classes and projects that are always developing. 

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"Taking classes with Erika made me a more confident and informed artist. I really enjoyed the historical framework and skills that Erika provided. Erika encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and try new mediums as well as gave me a fresh perspective on the mediums I use regularly."
Emily McCarter
Practicing Artist
"I have taken Erika’s sketchbook class and participated for several years in her Momentum Morning Open Studio where we either work on our own projects or Erika presents a project that will enhance our skills and be fun to work on together. Erika’s teaching style is clear, accessible, and gives us both skills and support. She is always available for help and guides us with technique, inspiration from other artists, art history, and emotional support. She is skilled at both group dynamics and furthering our individual needs. She is able to lead us through progressive exercises to help us gain the practice we need to create the work of our dreams. I particularly like sharing the story of our work from conception to where we are now in the process, as a part of learning together about how we work, and how we got to where we are in our projects. She creates a fun and serious working environment in her beautiful studio where you can see her work, the work of other classes, and have access to clay, painting, printing, collage, framing, wood staining, and colored pencils. It’s a happy place."
Kim Kaufman
Practicing Artist