Erika Crofut

I am a Berkshire artist and teacher. My goal is to bring art into as many elements of my daily life as I can on a daily basis. My subjects are things that make me feel connected, and I am particularly interested in connections across time and generations. for example, doing the laundry, singing a song, or telling a story. As a teacher, I have found joy in connecting with others over process both in the classroom, as well as one on one in the studio.

My approach to teaching art has always involved learning through practice. In my classes, I explain a structured approach to the handling of materials, show historical references and concepts, and demonstrate the pleasure and pride that comes from hard work. I try to simplify and clarify potentially overwhelming material for all of my students. I am a firm believer in momentum. Contact me if you have an idea you might like help pursuing or to receive my hill house e-mail about classes and projects that are always developing. 

Call or email me to schedule a workshop, purchase my work, or schedule a consult for commissioned pieces.